Hi, my name is Maureen Ferraro, along with Chloe, who is our facility ambassador. (Don't let the look fool you!)

I am the owner and Certified Professional Dog Trainer here at Canines4Life and we specialize in Positive Reinforcement Training. No shock collars or aversive methods. I want your dog to WANT to learn not to be made to.

My passion is dogs. Big, Small, Adult, Puppy... you name it I love them. I am here to help and your dog build the best relationship you can have together.

I have been training dogs all my life and have studied many different methods for training dogs. Seven years ago, I was introduced to my first service dog. I had the unique opportunity to learn how to train and breed these amazing dogs for the specific tasks needed to provide assistance to individuals with mobility and psychological issues. It was seeing that connection, and the amazing tasks these dogs did for their owners that got me started on my journey.

My purpose of starting Canines4Life was to follow my dream of working full time with dogs, to donate my time to not only work with rescues and shelters in training dogs for their new homes, and also to help people hoping to train their dogs for therapy and service work at a reduced cost.

Today, I work with local shelters in helping develop training and enrichment programs for their dogs. I have helped numerous people prepare their dogs for service and therapy work and I would love to help you.

Thanks for Stopping By!